DHL now transporting some packages from LAX to downtown in helicopter

Global Shipping giant DHL has had enough of Los Angeles traffic.

So what’s it doing? The company says it has contracted with a helicopter operator to transport time-sensitive packages from Los Angeles International Airport to downtown. DHL says the newish service will help guarantee that some packages can arrive by 9 a.m.

A DHL truck meets the helicopter at a downtown heliport and transports the packages the rest of the way.

DHL is using a Eurocopter AS355 operated for DHL by Helinet of Van Nuys. According to the company, it can transport more than 350 kg of cargo. That’s about 800 pounds for all you Americans out there.

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  • mavcable

    This helicopter operates as a charter bird with a back seat that can
    hold 4 passengers. I’m fairly sure that the aircraft hasn’t actually
    been painted in to the DHL livery and is only used by them once or twice
    per weekday to beat the morning rush hour to downtown. The rest of the
    day, it does what it has always done.

  • Brian Sumers

    Mavcable — Thanks for your comment. It sounds like this is all a marketing ruse perpetuated by DHL!