L.A. Airspace is on holiday

Lufthansa Vest

Hi everyone:

I’ll be away from the blog for a few days, as I travel to Lima, Peru to attend the wedding of a childhood friend. (Please Tweet at me if you have ideas for what I should do while I’m there.)

When I return on Tuesday, May 27, I may post less than usual. As my Twitter followers know, I have taken a new job covering airlines in the Americas for Aviation Week magazine. I’ll be starting on June 9.

I’ll remain at the Los Angeles News Group through June 3. I have loved this job — my first covering aviation — and I am grateful to all of you for reading and for offering comments. We have had a great back-and-forth here, and I have enjoyed every minute of it. Many of you have taught me a lot about how this industry works.

I’m also grateful to my editors, especially Toni Sciacqua, Frank Suraci, Michael Anastasi and Carolina Garcia, for giving me the freedom to pursue my passion. They didn’t always understand my zest for airlines and airports, but they have always been supportive.

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