Report: Delta seeks new Airbus and Boeing widebody jets

According to Aviation Week, Delta is in the market for more A330s, provide the plane has new, more efficient engines. Rendering: Airbus

According to Aviation Week, Delta is in the market for more A330s, but probably wants the plane to have new more efficient engines than today’s models.  Rendering: Airbus

Delta Air Lines is looking for a replacement airplane for its fleet of widebody Boeing 747s and Boeing 767s, Aviation Week’s Jens Flottau wrote this week.

“The carrier plans to look at four options,” Flottau wrote. “The Airbus A350-900 and -1000, all three models of the Boeing 787, the current versions of the A330 and a re-engined A330.”

What’s interesting is Delta CEO Richard Anderson’s comments about how the carrier does not want to buy airplanes that are not appropriate for the missions they fly. If, for example, Delta wants an airplane to fly the relatively short distance from Atlanta to Europe, it doesn’t need a Boeing 777 with a range of 7,000 or more nautical miles.

“Aircraft that underfly their range are uneconomical,” Aviation Week quotes Anderson as saying. “You cannot make a 777 consistently profitable flying only East Coast to Europe. That would be routes 1,000 or 2,000 naut. mi. shorter than what it was designed for.”

As many readers know, Delta has recently taken a more cautious approach toward buying new airplanes than competitors American and United, which have been aggressive in being the next wave of jetliners, like the Airbus 350 and Boeing 787. Instead, Delta has been buying up both used aircraft, like the 717s it acquired from Southwest, and new versions of older planes, like the A330 with older technology engines.

Which jets would you like to see Delta buy?

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