wants to make sure you pick the right airline seat

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In coach, how important are creature comforts to you? Do you just want the lowest fare? Or do you need to make sure you have stuff like on-demand video, in-seat power and internet?

If you like your comforts, even in coach, you might want to check out the website, whose slogan is “Find the happiest flight for the lowest price.” Above is a recent search for the Los Angeles to London route.

The fine folks at RouteHappy are also trying to call attention to the fact that not every airline configures its airplanes in the same way. Most importantly, on the Boeing 777, some airlines install 9 seats across, while some install 10. There’s usually no discount for flights on the more cramped 777 version, so you might as well book on the comfortable version.

Here’s what RouteHappy has to say on the matter:

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