FAA seeks to fine Hawaiian Airlines $547,500 for failing to inspect Boeing 767

How does Hawaiian Airline schedule its flight attendants and pilots? Photo: Wikimedia commons/Dylan Ashe.

The FAA wants to fine Hawaiian Airlines$547,500.  Photo: Wikimedia commons/Dylan Ashe.

The Federal Aviation Administration wants to fine Hawaiian Airlines $547,500 after the carrier failed to inspect a Boeing 767-300 in compliance with a July 2000 Airworthiness Directive, the agency said in a Monday in a release.

According to the FAA, the directive was designed to ensure that a portion of the thrust reverser would not come off during flight. Had this happened, the FAA said, there would have been a rapid decompression.

“The AD required initial and repetitive inspections of the components to detect damage and wear, and corrective actions if necessary,” the FAA said in the release. “It required replacement of the components with new and improved parts within four years of the AD taking effect.”

Hawaiian spokeswoman Alision Croyled emailed this statement.¬†“We don’t comment on pending litigation. Hawaiian’s first commitment is always to safety. We have requested an informal conference with the FAA to discuss the matter.”

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