Burbank Bob Hope Airport works to regain traffic


What do you do if you’re a midsize hub airport that wants to grow traffic?

You hire a consultant.

At least that is what Burbank Bob Hope Airport did recently.  Like other facilities of its size, Burbank has had trouble holding onto flights in the past five years, and in 2012, American Airlines pulled completely out of the airport. Burbank served 4.1 million passengers in 2012, down from 5.9 million in 2007. That’s not nearly as bad as L.A./Ontario International Airport’s decline — down from about 7.2 million passengers in 2007 to 4.3 million passengers last year. But it’s still not good.

Hence the April 2013 report from Sixel Consulting Group, which studied traffic from a one-year period ending in third quarter 2012 and came up with some interesting findings.

Here are some of them:

  • Burbank is retaining fewer passengers in the Los Angeles region than in 2010. Many of them are flying instead from LAX. 
  • Burbank fares are up 31 percent since 2010
  • Long-haul service will always be a challenge for the airport, in part because of its relatively short runway length and difficult terrain.
  • 82 percent of available seats at the airport are for flights within 500 miles.

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