Burbank Bob Hope Airport exploring new terminal building


Burbank Bob Hope Airport is in dire need of an update. And now it looks like it will finally get it.

Airport officials said this week that they want to build a 355,000 square foot replacement terminal with 14 aircraft gates. Officials have been signaling for a long time they wanted to build a new facility, but this is the first time they said exactly how big it might be.

If built, the terminal would be 68 percent bigger than the existing building, constructed in 1930. The old terminal would eventually be knocked down, according to officials.

“The Airport’s current terminal does not meet current seismic design standards or comply with FAA standards regarding the prescribed distance between runways and terminals,” the airport said in a press release.

Want to learn more about the airport’s plans? There’s public meeting tonight (Wednesday, Oct. 10) at 6 p.m. in the Burbank Bob Hope Airport Terminal A Skyroom. Parking tickets will be validated.

Also, here’s a PDF put together by the airport detailing the proposal.

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Rep. Henry Waxman says LAX can handle more air traffic

Congressman Henry Waxman dropped by the Los Angeles News Group’s Torrance office on Monday for a chat with the editorial board. Among the topic covered was whether — and how — to promote a network of airports in Southern California.

Many residents who live near Los Angeles International Airport say it’s vital that the region promote alternatives like L.A./Ontario International Airport, Long Beach Airport and Burbank Bob Hope Airport. The idea is that LAX will soon become too congested, and many  other airports have excess capacity.

But Waxman told the editorial board it makes sense to continue promoting LAX. He said he is in favor of a LAX plan, which passed the L.A. City Council this spring, to increase the distance between two parallel runways on the north side of the airfield. The goal, airport officials say, is to improve safety and operational efficiency.

“I know Bill Rosendahl, the former city councilman now, was very much against it,” Waxman said. “He argued to me that we ought to send more of the air transportation to some of the satellite airports. Well, I don’t know why. If LA can accommodate it by separating runways and making it safer, we ought to have the business right here.”

Most residents living near LAX say the runway move is unnecessary and that it will bring extra noise and pollution to their neighborhoods. But Waxman said he disagrees.

“I was at a community meeting where someone from Westchester said: ‘It’s safe enough,'” Waxman said. “Well, you say it’s safe enough because you worried about the consequences. But I’m told the consequences are not going to be all that you feared. And I take the word of all the people who are involved on safety.

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Burbank Bob Hope Airport: Security breach leads to flight delays

UPDATE: TSA Spokesman Nico Melendez explain what happened in the security breach at Burbank Bob Hope Airport. “The walk through metal detectors were operating improperly so … they had everyone evacuate the sterile side of the airport.”

ORIGINAL POST: Every passenger at Burbank Bob Hope Airport was re-screened by security officials late Thursday morning after officials discovered a security beach, airport spokesman Victor Gill said.

“We had a terminal evacuation at about 10 minutes after 11 today due to a termination by TSA that there were probably several passengers that were not properly screened,” Gill said. “The re-screening of the passengers began at 11:32. All of them have been re-secreened.”

Gill said somewhere between 200 and 300 people had to go through security again after officials required what is known as a “terminal dump.” He said five or six flights were delayed as a result, but only for 15 to 30 minutes.

Gill said he did not know specifically what caused the issue.

“They don’t got into their procedures too much about what went wrong,” Gill said of the TSA. “But they determined that several passengers may have been improperly screened and once they got though it was impossible to find them.”

Gill said security issues require evacuations at the airport about once or twice each year.

“They are very infrequent,” he said.

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Burbank Bob Hope Airport seeks more film shoots

Passenger traffic is down at Burbank Bob Hope Airport, but airport officials are hoping there’s more than one way to increase revenues.


After a decade long hiatus, brought about by Sept. 11, the airport is once again seeking to entice filmmakers to shoot at the airport. Done right, this can be a fairly profitable enterprise.

Earlier this month, airport officials say they brought 60 location scouts to Bob Hope for a behind the scenes tour. Among the things that airport officials touted: proximity to many major studios, an easy application process, “reasonable costs,” and a variety of terminal airfield and hanger spaces open for filming.

Airport officials say recent shoots have included the movie “The Bling Ring,” as well episodes of “Arrested Development,” “NCIS: Los Angeles” and Grey’s Anatomy.

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Surf Air, a new subscription-only airline, takes off from Burbank

Surf Air-69-2 (640x427)

After 18 months of planning, Surf Air finally took off on Wednesday, with flights from Burbank Bob Hope Airport to San Carlos Airport near San Francisco.

But no one bought tickets for the flights. That’s not how Surf Air works.

Instead, it operates on a subscription model. For a $500 initiation fee and around $1,650 a month, passengers can fly all they want on the airline’s fleet of Pilatus PC-12 single engine turboprops. Each plane is outfitted with six leather seats.

For now, that “unlimited” model is limited only by the fact that the airline has relatively few flights. It’s launching with just four flights in both directions between Burbank and San Carlos, which is also near Silicon Valley. In July, Surf Air will begin serving Santa Barbara with two daily flights from both San Carlos and Burbank.

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