You might want to program this LAX emergency number in your phone

Do you spend an unusual amount of time at Los Angeles International Airport? If so, you might consider programming the phone number for Los Angeles World Airports police into your cell phone.

LAX officials are trying to work on a fix for the problem, which became known after the Nov. 1 shooting in Terminal 3, but right now, whether you make a call from an airport landline or from a cell phone on airport property, you won’t be immediately transferred to airport police. Your call likely will go first to the LAPD or California Highway Patrol. They are both fine agencies, but they’re not the primary police force at LAX.

Calling this number will get you faster service in an emergency.


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Can you survive a ‘Water landing’? It depends.

As I promised, I successfully completed emergency water evacuation training last week. I joined a group of corporate jet flight attendants and pilots at a facility run by Aircare Solutions Group at Long Beach Airport. From there, we rode to a swimming pool on the campus of Cal State Long Beach.

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