American Eagle changes its name to Envoy. But it won’t impact travelers.

American Eagle is changing its corporate name to Envoy Airlines, the carrier announced Tuesday.

How does this effect you as a traveler? Not at all, actually.

The brand American Eagle remains, so every commuter jet you fly as part of an American Airlines itinerary will remain painted just as it is now. Only the actual name of the parent company American Eagle is changing. So in the future, you’ll be on an American Eagle flight operated by Envoy Airlines.

The reason for this is a bit complicated, as many of my readers know. There are two matters at work here. One is that there is a company based in Texas called American Eagle Airlines, which operates flights under the American Eagle brand. The second is that there are other commuter airlines, such as Skywest Airlines and Chautauqua Airlines, that are entirely independent companies but brand their flights as American Eagle. Presumably, this causes confusion. And that confusion will now be alleviated.

“Our people and our company – which is one the largest regional carriers in the world with some of the best people in our business – deserve a name that is all our own,” said Pedro Fabregas, the president and CEO of American Eagle Airlines, in a statement. “By taking on the Envoy name, we can better differentiate ourselves from the competition and better market ourselves. This is important for both our people and our company as we further expand our ground handling business.”

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