Norwegian’s fares to Europe are cheap, but beware the fees

As we noted earlier today, Norwegian will soon enter the Los Angeles market with cheap fares (as low as $239 each way) between Los Angeles and three Scandinavian cities – Copenhagen, Stockholm and Oslo.

But as Kai Groves, a loyal reader and blogger reminded me, Norwegian charges fees for just about everything. Kai was kind enough to create a chart showing how Norwegian’s fares between San Francisco and Helsinki compare to those offered by SAS, Finnair and Air France. In this market, Norwegian is still cheaper than the competitors, but not by as much as you might think considering how far apart the base fares are.

If you do end up flying Norwegian, Kai’s chart suggests you’re better off buying the carrier’s “bundled” services, so you don’t have to pay every fee on an a la cart basis. “DY” as you’ll see in the chart, is the airline code for Norwegian.

Read on to see the chart.

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