Hubber, a new car sharing service, debuts at LAX

Want to make some extra money when you’re out of town?

If you’re leaving from LAX, you might have a good option.

The car sharing service Hubber debuted on Monday. The service allows you to rent out your car to visitors, who use it like a typical rental car. The company, of course, takes a cut of the profits. But in addition to some extra cash, you get free airport parking, some gas, and a car wash.

I wrote about Hubber about a month ago. At the time, the company didn’t know didn’t disclose where it would house its cars. But it’s using a lot at 898 N Sepulveda Blvd, which it claims is about a 5 minute drive from LAX.

What do you think about car sharing? Is it worth the extra money? Do you trust someone else to drive you car?

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