Lufthansa’s Instagram account gets you behind the scenes

Perhaps better than any other airline, Lufthansa understands the power of social media. And the airline’s instagram account is about as good as it gets – at least for people who like to know what happens behind the scenes at a major worldwide carrier.

I’ve compiled some of the airline’s recent shots, many of which were taken by a pilot on the Frankfurt to LAX route. Sometimes, the photographers go a bit heavy with the filter. But it’s cool stuff, nonetheless.

Here we go:

  • Beautiful inside and out: One of Boeing 747-8’s new raked wings. We’ll explore more #FRAspots tomorrow. Stay tuned :) #youthhotspotsgermany
  • Ever wondered who’s the man behind the airport announcements? Meet Heino! His Chinese sounds great :) #FRAspots #youthhotspotsgermany
  • One might think that’s a subway map – but it’s only a little section of the baggage control center’s display. #FRAspots #youthhotspotsgermany
  • My lunch enroute over #Greenland #pilotdiary
  • 35,000 feet over the North Atlantic #pilotdiary

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