Southwest cargo facility at LAX evacuated in explosives scare

The Southwest Airlines cargo facility at Los Angeles International Airport was evacuated Monday after TSA detected trace amounts of exclusives on a guitar case, police told me.

The Los Angeles Police bomb squad was called out, but discovered nothing amiss. The facility was soon “re-populated” — a fancy way of saying employees were let back in. The incident happened at around noon and took about a half hour, according to a Southwest spokesman.

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LAX Police Chief Patrick Gannon speaks about challenges of airport security

The key is policing

The key to policing at LAX is to vary how officers are deployed on a regular basis, airport police chief Patrick Gannon said. (Associated Press photo.)

Here’s the second part of my Nov. 11 interview with Patrick Gannon, who for the past year has been the chief of Los Angeles World Airports police. After discussing the shooting incident at LAX in part one of the interview, we moved on to talk about the overall challenges of airport policing.

This interview has been condensed and edited lightly for clarity.

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