The week’s best aviation links, as cultivated by your blogger

Have you read these aviation industry stories yet? If not, you probably should.

“Balky Wi-Fi Above the Clouds,” in which the New York Times checks in on the race for faster, more reliable internet aloft.

“Be Very Afraid: The 27-Inch-Pitch Airline Seat Is Coming.” Blogger Tim Winship says low cost airlines are trying to cram even more seats on planes. According to Seat Guru, Spirit’s pitch on its A320s is now 28 inches.

LAX begs your patience for the next several years as it modernizes. This from AP reporter Justin Pritchard.

You’ve probably already seen pictures of Etihad’s new “apartments” and “suites” on its A380 airplanes. But if you haven’t, this Mashable piece is your best bet. “The Best Airline Seat That $21,000 Can Buy.”

Want a double bed on an airplane? Ethiad might be the airline for you. Photo: Associated Press.

Want a double bed on an airplane? Ethiad might be the airline for you. Photo: Associated Press.

Something to think about the next time your upgrade doesn’t clear. Prince William flies American Airlines coach. So says the New York Daily News.

And finally. Jaunted has a nice piece on “The Instagram Travel Hashtag That’s Worrying the Airlines.” The hashtag? It’s #crewlife. Search for it on Twitter or Instagram and you’ll find dispatches and pictures from pilots and flight attendants, some of whom complain about the tough parts of the job. The honesty of these posts is refreshing. And some posts do make flying seem like a great job. But I can’t imagine that employers like this candidness.


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Asiana Flight 214: Some of the best news stories from Sunday and Monday

I was off the grid for a few days, and, given my beat, that turned out to be a bad thing. But when I returned to civilization, I was impressed by the breadth and depth of much of the coverage of Asiana Flight 214. Some of it, of course, has been uninformed. But most of it – especially from the knowledgable bloggers and reporter who regularly cover the industry, has been pretty good.

I wanted to highlight some particularly strong stories here on the blog.

Terror on Jet in San Francisco: Seeing Water, Not Runway via The New York Times

Asiana attendant describes dramatic evacuation from the Associated Press.

Asiana plane was far below target speed before San Francisco crash from Reuters

Why the San Francisco Plane Crash Wasn’t More Deadly via the Wall Street Journal

NTSB: Jet was traveling below target speed before crash via USA Today

Asiana Flight 214 attendants lauded as ‘heroes’ via USA Today. As someone who recently flew Asiana, I should say I am not surprised by this. The flight attendants I met on my travels were unusually professional and appeared to be extremely well trained.

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Best airline and airport stories of the week

As we wrap of the week, here are some of the best airline and airport stories of the past few days.

Hong Kong’s Old Airport Reopens as Cruise Ship Terminal via The New York Times

United Goes Fully Flat… in Business Class… On Long Haul… From North American Hubs via Cranky Flier

Jersey aviation buff’s ideal? Save the Worldport at JFK via Newark Star Ledger

How airline logos have changed via The Telegraph

American Airlines Says It Will Add Seats To Planes via Associated Press

Longer Customs Lines With Extreme Waits Frustrate Travelers via Wall Street Journal

Passenger fees take off in Europe via Los Angeles Times

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