Boeing 747 Video: Check out the view from the landing gear

Ever wonder about the view from a 747’s landing gear?

OK. You probably haven’t. But that doesn’t make the video above any less interesting. It’s especially cool at about the one-minute mark when the plane gets airborne. It’s a view you don’t usually see.

Amazing as it might sounds, people occasionally try to hitch a ride in an aircraft wheel well. And it generally does not end well.

A few days ago, there was the guy who died on a British Airways A320. He was discovered at London Heathrow after a flight from Turkey.

Then there was this guy, who authorities believe hid on another British Airways plane from North Africa in 2012. But just about the time of landing at Heathrow, he fell from the sky and onto a residential street.

After that incident, the BBC did a nice story on whether people can actually survive these flights. The answer is yes, though not very often. U.S. Federal Aviation Administration officials told the BBC that about a quarter of people caught as stowaways have actually survived. That, of course, means 75 percent die.

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