Police union president: Some L.A. – area airports lack sufficient security

Police recently found what they believe to be gang-related graffiti on a LearJet parked at Van Nuys Airport.

Police recently found what they believe to be gang-related graffiti on a Learjet parked at Van Nuys Airport. The police union president says some L.A. area airports need more security.

The president of the police officers’ union responsible for security at airports in Los Angeles, Ontario and Van Nuys criticized management on Thursday for failing to adequately staff the police force.

President Marshall McClain underscored the need to beef up security in light of a recent incident at Van Nuys Airport, where police say a Learjet was tagged with what appeared to be gang-related graffiti.

“The incident at Van Nuys airport further illustrates the effects of LAWA’s deprioritizing of allocating sufficient resources for policing needs,” McClain wrote in a release. “It is imperative that LAWA and (the union) work together to address the under resourcing of policing needs at our airports prior to a major incident in which traveling safety is at stake and property is irreparably damaged.”

Los Angeles World Airports police handles security at LAX, L.A/Ontario International Airport and Van Nuys Airport.

McClain has long tried to get the airport system to improve security, but airport officials continue to say the facilities are adequately staffed.

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