LAX to Bahrain and back? NPR discovers the mileage run.

If you haven’t already heard it, NPR did a nice piece over the weekend about mileage runners — those folks who take extra flights in December just so they can achieve elite status on an airline. My guess is that many of my readers are knowledgeable about how this works.

The mileage runner at the center of the story — a man named Travis MacRitchie — was flying from Los Angeles to Bahrain to earn frequent flier miles. As I noted a few weeks ago, the fares were cheap — around $700 round trip. And there were oh so many miles to earn. NPR said about 36,000 miles in total.

“I’m going off on a pretty ridiculous adventure, so fingers crossed that it’ll go okay,” MacRitchie said before he left.

I tried to convince my editors to let me go to Bahrain in search of a mileage run story, but it didn’t work out. So you’ll have to stick with NPR’s story.

Listen or read the NPR story here.

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