Delta flights had 91 percent on-time arrival percentage in October

Delta had a remarkably strong on-time record in October, according to Bureau of Transportation Statistics released Thursday.

The 91 percent on-time arrival is about 7 percentage points higher than Delta’s overall on-time record between January and October. Here’s the full October list:

Rank Airline Percentage
1 Hawaiian 95.15
2 Delta 91.43
3 Alaska 89.72
4 Endeavor 88.74
5 Virgin America 88.52
6 US Airways 87.61
7 JetBlue 86.95
8 United 84.98
9 AirTran 84.68
10 SkyWest 84.34
11 American 82.72
12 Mesa 81.87
13 American Eagle 80.93
14 Frontier 80.21
15 ExpressJet 79.74
16 Southwest 78.75
All Airlines 84.05
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Finnair is No. 1 on-time airline among major world carriers for November

These were the most on-time airlines in November, according to Anyone else surprised that Finnair is No. 1?

The list is only of “major” airlines, so apparently Hawaiian does not make it. But Hawaii was on-time 93 percent of the time in November.

1 (AY) Finnair 93.29%
2 (U2) EasyJet 92.76%
3 (GF) Gulf Air 91.94%
4 (UX) Air Europa 91.35%
5 (OS) Austrian Airlines 90.67%
6 (IB) Iberia 90.47%
7 (KL) KLM 89.35%
8 (SK) SAS 89.12%
9 (AB) Air Berlin 88.66%
10 (JL) Japan Airlines 88.65%
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United Airlines says it had strong on-time record in November

United_9865-medium (2)
United Airlines says it exceeded its on-time goals for the third consecutive month in November, reporting that 85 percent of its domestic flights and 82.5 percent of its international flights arrived with 14 minutes of the scheduled time.

United spokeswoman Jennifer Dohm did not share the carrier’s exact on-time goals with me.

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Southwest Airlines slips in September on-time performance


Southwest Airlines had an operationally challenging September, according to data released this week by the Bureau of Transportation Statistics.

Of the 33 chronically most delayed scheduled flights in September, 26 of them were operated by Southwest. Even worse, Southwest flights held the first nine places on the list, which consists of flights that were delayed at least 50 percent of the time by a minimum of 30 minutes.

No other major airline was on the list. Regional carriers Skywest and Expressjet occupied all the other slots.

The worst offender was Southwest 3679 from Chicago Midway to St. Louis. It was late 82 percent of the time, by an average of 54 minutes.

We don’t usually see much of Los Angeles on these lists because of our stellar weather tends to limit delays. But Southwest had some troubles in L.A. in September, with four LAX flights making the ‘worst’ list. Here they are:

Rank Flight Route % of days late Avg delay
6 3847 STL-LAX 65.22 56 minutes
17 1791 LAX-SFO 56 79 minutes
22 4458 OAK-LAX 53.85 62 minutes
30 4412 LAX-SFO 52 57 minutes

Southwest spokeswoman Michelle Agnew sent over this statement:

It’s a combination of unexpected summer weather and some changes we made to our flight schedule that have us behind the pack in ontime performance. We are aware of the pain points; we’re working on schedule tweaks to improve our performance in the next few months.

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