Airlines trade group reports carriers are getting stronger, more profitable

Airlines 4 America, the industry lobbying group, released some interesting data on Thursday. I’ll summarize some of it here, but it is worth remembering that this data is generated by people who are paid by airlines.

In this slide, we learn that airlines — even though they have had a very profitable year by their standards — lag far behind other American industries. 

Airlines 4 America 1

Airports, including LAX, have far more secure balance sheets than airlines.

Airlines 4 America 2

As I mentioned in a story last month, airlines are investing more money in their product than they have in a decade. It’ll be interesting to see how long this trend lasts.

Airlines 4 America 4

For several years, airlines have been practicing “capacity discipline,” or reducing the number of seats in each market so they could make a great profit. But slowly, according to Airlines 4 America, seats are beginning to re-enter the marketplace.

Airlines 4 America 5

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