Lawsuit: Contractor that built new Tom Bradley International Terminal at LAX says it wasn’t paid for work

Walsh/Austin LAX lawsuit for new Tom Bradley International Terminal

Walsh/Austin, the construction firm that built the new $2 billion Tom Bradley International Terminal at LAX, says the airport has failed to pay its bills for unforeseen costs, according to a lawsuit filed last month.

This lawsuit, which I detailed in Tuesday’s newspaper, deals with only one subcontractor — an electrical firm called SASC — which billed more than $2.4 million for extra work but was never paid.

SASCO claims that the city provided “… electrical design documents that were inaccurate and replete with errors, conflicts and other defects.” It also says the city engaged in a practice of “… hindering, interfering with and disrupting the performance of Walsh/Austin and SASCO in performing electrical work on the project.”

One $2.4 million lawsuit is not a huge deal. But in an attachment to the suit, Walsh/Austin suggest there could be many more like this. It suggests the city may not have paid other bills for unexpected construction costs. From my story:

Three subcontractors have already filed lawsuits against Walsh/Austin and the city in connection with alleged changes and delays during the project, and many more lawsuits of a similar nature are expected,” reads an attachment to the SASCO suit.

Walsh/Austin says it currently has several administrative claims going against the city for non payment of bills. In the lawsuit, the company suggests it could file more litigation if those claims for extra payment are turned down.

“Walsh/Austin and SASCO have other change order requests against and claims against the city arising from performance of the project that are not included in this action,” the suit states.

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