United Airlines worker accused of stealing from luggage at SFO after Asiana crash

This is a pretty depressing story, if true.

The San Francisco Chronicle reports that a United Airlines employee and his wife were charged with stealing from passenger luggage during the period after a Asiana Airlines Boeing 777 crash landed at San Francisco International Airport on July 6.

According to the Chronicle, Sean Sharif Crudup and his wife allegedly took valuable clothing belonging to a couple who were supposed to return to San Francisco, but whose travel plans were alerted after the crash. The luggage reached San Francisco before they did.

Crudup and his wife allegedly took some clothing to Nordstrom, where they returned it for about $5,000, according to the Chronicle and law enforcement sources.  Nordstrom is known for having liberal return policies.

It’s not clear how often this happens. But it’s worth nothing that bags arrive before and after their owners all the time — not just after plane crashes.

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