Beerfest for beergeeks Sunday in Studio City

Studio City’s Stout Burgers & Beers hosts its inaugural beer festival Sunday — and this one has a bit of a twist, according to the organizers.

“There will be 18 hand selected breweries that will be pouring two beers per brewery. All the beers will either be barrel aged, sours, or unique one-offs. These beers will never be seen again or very hard to get, so don’t miss out!”

Sounds good in concept, but I will be interested to hear any feedback from this festival where tickets cost between $60 and $70 a person.

That’s pretty steep compared to most beer festivals. I’m sure the organizers will defend the price pointing to the unique nature of the brews being poured.

But it’s my experience a craft beer festival focusing on strong ales and other kinds of experimental brews can literally be hard to digest. Frankly, it’s a bit difficult trying to sip your way through what are very often beers that are high in alcohol or have other qualities that don’t make them approachable, session-type brews.

Good luck to those of you willing to try, however. Let us know if you got your money’s worth.

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