Time running out for Corona’s Main Street Brewery

Time is running out for Corona’s award-winning Main Street Brewery.

Connected to Lamppost Pizza at 300 N. Main St., the brewpub was scheduled to close on Sunday (January 26), but has gotten a brief reprieve.

The pizzeria and adjoining brewery are now scheduled to close Tuesday (February 4).

However, Main Street’s brews will certainly be gone by then.

The two remaining in-house brews (Hop Daddy IPA and a barrel-aged Boneworthy) are likely to be sold out soon, if they aren’t already.

The taps that once poured Main Street’s beers are now occupied with brews by other local breweries, including Ritual Brewing and Saint Archer.

The shopping center where the restaurant and brewpub are located is being torn down and rebuilt. However, the restaurant isn’t projected to reopen (about 300 yards north of its current location) for two years.

So, what’s next for Main Street?

Brewmaster Bob Kluver is likely to start the brewery up again. He figures he can have the brewery up and running in six months.

Plus, there’s no guarantee the restaurant will reopen in two years. Delays could easily push the opening further and further back.

Kluver is currently looking for a new location for the brewery, likely somewhere closer to home, Yorba Linda.

We wish him well. Here’s to the hope that we’ll be enjoying a Rimpau Red or a Bishop’s Tipple Trippel this summer!