We’ve found another brewery willing to fill any growler

Over the past year, state code regarding growler refills has been re-examined, reinterpreted and redefined.

In June, The Bruery announced it would begin selling and refilling unmarked two-liter Palla-style growlers.

In October, AB 647 was passed, amending three items in the state’s beer manufacturing codes, among them being the labeling of growlers.

In November, Coachella Valley Brewing Co. noted it would begin filling any half-gallon or two-liter growler.

Now, Monrovia’s Pacific Plate Brewing Co. has announced, via its Instagram feed, that it will also fill growlers from any brewery.

Pacific Plate will slap a sticker on the growler — to obscure existing labeling — and fill.

Here’s hoping more breweries follow suit.

Bring your growlers to Pacific Plate Brewing Co., 1999 S. Myrtle Ave.

Update: Re-reading the Instagram post (and hearing comments from another brewer), it appears that they’re only filling growlers for distant (100-plus miles away) breweries, though the example in the photo is from Wiens Brewing Company, a mere 74.3 miles away, according to Google Maps.