Valiant Brewing Company to celebrate first anniversary tomorrow

Orange’s Valiant Brewing Company will celebrate its first anniversary tomorrow (March 1).

The event will run from noon to 11 p.m. at the brewery, 2294 N. Batavia St., Unit C.

The celebration will include a car show and, of course, plenty of beer!

More than 26 beers will be available, including the brewery’s anniversary brew, along with a selection of barrel-aged beers.

Here’s what to expect:

Year Round

  • Crescendo, American Lager, .6.5% abv
  • Criterion, Belgian Honey Ale, 5.6% abv
  • Alpha Drive, Double IPA, 8.8% abv
  • Axiom, Trappist Style Ale, 10.5% abv

Five Seasonals

  • First Flight, American Strong Ale, 13.7% abv
  • Jericho, Imperial IPA, 10.8% abv
  • Pathos, Imperial Chocolate Porter, 9.3% abv
  • Stentorian, English Barleywine, 13.3% abv
  • Kratos, Belgian Gold Strong, 12.5% abv

Rotating Seasonals

  • Mounds of Grounds, Imperial Black Espresso Saison, 9.6% abv
  • 10.5 MPG, Persimmon Saison, 10.5% abv

Other Favorites

  • Veranda, Amber Belgian, 8.5% abv
  • Mighty Maximus, Premium Ale, 3.8% abv
  • Mighty Maximus, Premium Ale (Nitro), 3.8% abv

Anniversary Specials

  • Barrel Aged Stentorian, 14.3% abv
  • Barrel Aged Axiom, 12.1% abv
  • Barrel Aged First Flight, 15.5% abv
  • The Bruce, Scotch Ale, 9.7% abv
  • Crescendo Dry Hopped, 6.5% abv
  • Valiant’s 1st Anniversary, Belgian Barleywine approx. 12.3% abv
  • American Strong Ale, 13.2% abv
  • Valiant Beer Blending, 12.1% abv

Ultra Small Batches

  • Guava Cream Ale, 4.5% abv
  • Lacto Cherry Stout, 7% abv
  • Wheat Beer, 6% abv
  • Lager Barleywine, 8.8% abv

For more information, click here. For updates, click here for the Facebook event page.

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