Hangar 24 Barrel Roll Club memberships available Saturday

Hangar 24 fall release partySaturday (October 4) is going to be a busy day at Redlands’ Hangar 24 Craft Brewery.

Not only is it the release day for its seasonal Local Fields beer, Gourdgeous, but the brewery is also releasing its newest Barrel Roll series beer, Falling Leaf ($20 for a 750ml bottle), which just happens to be Gourdgeous aged for a year in Bourbon barrels.

But perhaps the biggest news is the launch of the Barrel Roll Membership Club.

Purchase a membership, and you’ll be treated to a box of barrel-aged and special release beers every three months for a year. At least one beer per quarter will be produced strictly for club members.

The first box’s lineup has already been announced:

  • 1 750ml bottle of 2014 Pugachev’s Cobra (Russian Imperial Stout brewed with maple syrup and aged for 8 months in bourbon barrels)
  • 1 750ml bottle of the brand new 2014 Pugachev’s Cobra 25 (Pugachev’s Cobra aged for 14 months in 25 year Heaven Hill barrels)
  • 1 330ml bottle of our ultra limited 2014 Pugachev Royale (Pugachev’s Cobra with additions of cocoa nibs and vanilla beans which see an additional 12 months of aging in brandy barrels on top of the standard 8 months in bourbon barrels)
  • 1 330ml (I believe) of 2014 Pugachev Mocha (Pugachev’s Cobra 25 with cocoa nibs from Parliament Chocolate, locally roasted coffee beans from Augie’s Coffee Roasters and lactose sugar)

This first box was initially to contain not Pugachev Mocha, but a 330ml bottle of Pugachev Black Maple (Pugachev’s Cobra aged 6 months in a 25 year Heaven Hill barrel, then 8 months in a bourbon barrel that was soaked in maple syrup for 3 months).

Pugachev Black Maple will be ready for the next box.

The price for a year of beer deliciousness? $300. Of course, Hangar 24 claims you’ll get at least that much back in beer over the course of the year.

There are only 400 club memberships available.

If you decide to go to the release party, you’ll be entertained by a trio of bands and will be able to get food from Pappas Artisanal.

The event will run from 11 a.m. to midnight at the brewery, 1710 Sessums Drive.

For more information, click here. For more information on the Barrel Roll Club memberships, click here. For updates, click here for the Facebook event page.