Covina’s Barley Lodge Brewing is now Arrow Lodge Brewing

arrow-lodge-brewingCovina’s recently-opened Barley Lodge Brewing is now Arrow Lodge Brewing.

The explanation of the name change is that it was “due to confusion”, and I’m guessing the confusion is with a certain Costa Mesa brewery.

Early name changes, however, are nothing new to Southern California breweries.

Shortly after opening, Redondo Beach’s King Harbor Brewing Company changed its name from Coastline Brewing to avoid confusion with a Northern California winery.

Redlands’ soon-to-be-defunct Wild Donkey Brewing Company began as Donkey Punch Brewery.

South El Monte’s Progress Brewing had a similar “confusion” with a certain L.A. County drinking establishment shortly after it opened as Federal Brewing.

If you know where it’s at, you’ll have a better chance at remembering the name now.

Arrow Lodge Brewing is at 720 E. Arrow Highway, Suite C.