Lagunitas has big plans for Southern California brewery

Azusa LagunitasPetaluma-based Lagunitas Brewing Co. has big plans for its new brewery under construction in Azusa.

How big? 178,000-square-feet worth, that’s how big.

Initially, the brewery will pump out 420,000 barrels of beer annually, but will eventually ramp up to — cue Doctor Evil voice — one million barrels. The brewery will distribute throughout the Southwest, and perhaps, eventually into Mexico.

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That’s progress! Blank growlers sold, filled at another SoCal brewery

Another brewery has decided they are in the business of selling beer, not beer containers.

South El Monte’s Progress Brewing has been selling unmarked growlers, but it makes perfect sense to sell unmarked growlers when you’ve already had to change your name, and you haven’t even been open three months!

The brewery takes a pretty lenient stance on growler policy, and apparently will fill pretty much any clean container it can cap and label.

Our suggestion? Bring those unmarked or covered-up growlers to Progress Brewing, 1822 Chico Ave., and fill ’em up!

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We’ve found another brewery willing to fill any growler

Over the past year, state code regarding growler refills has been re-examined, reinterpreted and redefined.

In June, The Bruery announced it would begin selling and refilling unmarked two-liter Palla-style growlers.

In October, AB 647 was passed, amending three items in the state’s beer manufacturing codes, among them being the labeling of growlers.

In November, Coachella Valley Brewing Co. noted it would begin filling any half-gallon or two-liter growler.

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What’s in a name? Federal Brewing is now Progress Brewing

South El Monte’s best (OK, only) brewery, Federal Brewing, recently underwent a name change in response to a cease-and-desist letter — not from a similarly-named up-and-coming Maryland brewery, but from a certain L.A. County drinking establishment, which shall remain nameless.

The brewery is now known as Progress Brewing. Please update your bookmarks accordingly.

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