What did you have for lunch?

I had a large plate of pad thai from Chant Thai Cuisine in Irwindale. For less than $7 (not including tax), you get a generous portion of pad thai, side salad, two fried wontons (no filling) and rice. It’s a carb explosion! The dish was pretty good, except my chicken was a bit dry.

Chant Thai Cuisine
15714 Arrow Hwy (just west of Irwindale Ave)
Baldwin Park, CA
(626) 338-1378

(Google says it’s in Baldwin Park, but I think the area is Irwindale)

3 thoughts on “What did you have for lunch?

  1. Finally! The news that your readers have been demanding for so long! I have always wondered what you had for lunch. Thank you for providing this valuable and important service.

  2. Hi Esther, I am a big foodie and grew up in the SGV. So today for lunch I went to Senor Fish in South Pasadena and got a shrimp and scallop burrito. It’s on Mission, a couple of blocks west of Fair Oaks and is terrific. Check it out.

    Senor Fish
    618 Mission St
    South Pasadena, CA 91030
    (626) 403-0145

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