Sandwich City

Have you ever been to Sandwich City in downtown Covina? The idea is simple: homemade sandwiches made with with good ingredients. Today, I had an egg salad sandwich on squaw bread. It comes with a pickle spear and a side of potato salad (although you can ask for macaroni salad or coleslaw instead). My total? About $5.

Sandwich City
117 N Citrus Ave
Covina, CA 91723
(626) 966-7363

4 thoughts on “Sandwich City

  1. I would definitely award the Holimites crew the top spot, crevitae, followed instructions (the calipers were AWESOME), funny, all of the above, plus they finished the sandwich which deserves an award in itself. They do need some PB consulting. But how will all three of them share one base-layer, I suppose they can cut it three ways with the massive bread knife in the kitchen, on the cutting board. Should there also be a U.S. winner?-Alex

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