As some of you have noticed, the recent postings here are of dining reviews. These reviews are from a rotating list of reporters from our weekly Highlanders, that we also put in print.
The Highlanders have decided to start this feature – DINING ON A BUDGET – that focuses on what dining out for lunch is like on a reporter’s budget.
We try to mix it up with different menus of the various cities we cover and roam about during our daily work here in the San Gabriel Valley, and are always on the lookout for a great deal.
We hope you find it helpful if you’re looking for a good lunch and have a small budget of $5-10, or at least somewhat amusing.
We also welcome your comments and suggestions for future reviews.
So if you see a review posted by me, but not written by me, then it is most likely a review by one of our esteemed reporters here at the Highlanders.
Thanks for reading and maybe we’ll see you at the corner taco stand 😛
– Claudia

One thought on “DINING ON A BUDGET

  1. Because of this reporter’s budget, I often bring lunch from home, but when I’m in Pasadena and have a few extra dollars I like Pita, Pita! It’s on Colorado Boulevard, east of Lake Avenue, just steps from the Star-News’ front door. It serves a wonderful grilled veggie salad that’s big enough for two meals and it’s even yummier if you share it with a friend!

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