Flatbread Sammies from Quiznos


I’ve lost count of the times I’ve seen commercials for the two new Sammies from Quiznos, and this morning I knew I had to try one of these $2 sandwiches.

After tasting the balsamic chicken and the Angus steak sammies, I think the $2 price point was a shrewd move by Quiznos. A single Sammy is a decent snack but not substantial enough to constitute a meal. At $2, the Sammy is a little better than a bargain meal but not quite an overpriced snack. Having said that, I don’t think the Sammy was as tasty as it was advertised. (Has that ever been true?)

The flatbread is the best part of the sandwich. (And really, how much does bread really cost? 15 cents?) The balsamic chicken had a nice flavor and you could actually taste the tiny bits of chopped chicken. The Angus steak was a real disappointment. It lacked any substantial flavor, and the “steak” turned out to be thinly sliced shavings of meat, a garnish to the flatbread.

My friend Claudia suggested that I try two other Sammies next time — the Italiano and the Sonoma Turkey. She says the Italiano has full-flavored cold cuts and the Sonoma Turkey includes a chipotle mayo. Until next time!

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