Legends Classic Diner in Glendora

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Dining on a budget:
It’s a restaurant that offers a fun look into American pastimes.

Legends Classic Diner stands on “The Main Street of America,” also known as Historic Route 66 in Glendora.

The diner has a jukebox cranking old tunes and an old-fashioned ice cream and soda bar.

As I walked into the restaurant on a Sunday afternoon, I couldn’t help but notice that it was filled with families enjoying the day together. On one side of the restaurant, one group celebrated a birthday.

Out of a very large menu of sandwiches, burgers, salads, even Mexican food, I decided to order something basic – the cheeseburger combo.

At just $4.90, it included a modest-sized burger, a heaping serving of fries and a soft drink.

I sat down at a comfortable booth and waited for about 10 minutes until I was served with my order.

What set this burger apart from the dozens served at every other burger joint was its unique thousand island dressing. Non-traditional, the dressing had added great flavors of spices and pepper. The fries were also fresh and deliciously seasoned.

Although my burger was modestly sized, I noticed that if ordered alone, the burgers are much bigger. The quarter-pound cheeseburger is just $3.10 and the chili cheeseburger is $3.80. The menu also boasts non-traditional items such as a fish burger and buffalo burger.

But what I thought was more inviting than the food was the atmosphere of the restaurant, which prides itself as a “Blast from the Past.”

Two of the interior walls feature a beautiful mural of people playing in the sand on a sunny beach. Surfboards hang from the ceiling and framed posters of American icons and pastimes crowd the other the walls.

As I sat eating my cheeseburger combo, I also noticed a group of four girls sharing an enormous banana split covered in whipped cream as their mother took photos.

It was a great place to enjoy and relax a meal on a Sunday afternoon.

Legends Classic Diner is located at 1155 E. Route 66, in Glendora. For more information, call (626) 852-2700.
Written by Maritza Velazquez

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