New KFC Hot Wings

First of all, I must admit, I am one of those people that can get influenced by commercials to try new things.
So when I saw the commercials for the new Hot Wings at Kentucky Fried Chicken, my love for hot wings and the clever idea of a sauceless hot wing, drove me to the nearest KFC in Baldwin Park for lunch today.
I went ahead and ordered the meal that came with 6 pieces of hot wings, potato wedges and a drink for $5 and change after taxes.
The wing pieces were the usual size as hot wings sold elsewhere and they were crispy. But, as I mentioned before – I am a big fan of hot wings and with these wings, I was not feeling the heat.
If you’ve been to Popeye’s and ordered the spicy chicken, then you’ll know what I’m talking about next.
KFC put the spicy sauce inside the wings, between the chicken and the skin, making it ‘sauceless’ but the spices were not very hot.
And in my opinion, the Popeye’s spicy chicken is so much better than KFC’s, just as their mashed potatoes should not be in the same category as KFC’s version.
I should have gotten the hint that they weren’t so hot with the dozens of hot sauce packets thrown in my take-out bag.
So, now I need to fulfill my hot wings craving. Sounds like a trip to Hooters or Denny’s this weekend :-p

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