Best Buffalo wings in town

I absolutely love Buffalo wings. What’s not to love? They’re fried, saucy, you use your hands, and you can dip them in lots of ranch sauce. There are lots of restaurants in the area that serve wings, but the San Gabriel Valley definitely needs more. Here’s my evaluation of the places I’ve been:

Great presentation. The wings are fried but are served un-sauced. Instead, you get a small bowl of buffalo sauce and ranch sauce. The wing sauce is vinegary, spicy but without any serious heat. The kick comes from the vinegar. Even without sauce, the wings have great flavor. The skin is crisp but there’s plenty of juicy meat inside. I’d give these an A.

Pizza Chalet
One time I went to this local pizza joint in Covina, the waiter told me they were out of wings! I couldn’t understand how this was possible. It’s like Quizno’s telling customers they’re out of turkey meat, which really did happen last week. Pizza Chalet wings are just average and not really memorable. The restaurant makes up the taste shortcomings in price. You can get a whole lotta wings for a lot less than other restaurants. B-

Pizza Hut (Wing Street)
If you can’t find a specialty wing restaurant, Pizza Hut is a good backup. The wings are good, not great. They’re definitely on the fattier, softer side when compared to other wings. The Dallas Morning News even wrote about Pizza Hut’s increasing reliance on wings in their business. Smart move. Wings are relatively easy to make and rarely discounted. B

All the way from Texas, this chain opened its first SGV location in Monrovia a couple of years ago. Now, they’re they’re popping up everywhere: Baldwin Park, Chino Hills, Fullerton, Alta Loma, Whittier, Cerritos. Wingstop really knows how to pack a lot of flavor into a small piece of meat. My favorites are original hot, lemon pepper and garlic Parmesan. They also have a flavor called Atomic that’s probably the hottest wing I’ve ever had. Unfortunately, Wingstop wings are very small and over fried. The skins are nice and crispy but so is the rest of the meat. Still, these wings are definitely worth a try with a side of fries. (The seasoning on the fries is divine.). A-

Buffalo Wild Wings
With 14 flavors organized by spiciness, Buffalo Wild Wings (aka BW3) is the most “fun” wing place. You might need a couple of return trips to try all the flavors. So far, my favorite flavor is hot, which has a lot of heat but is also very flavorful. As far as texture goes, the wings have the perfect crispy to juicy ratio. However, inside meat is rather bland, especially when it’s not coated with a dipping sauce. For the overall wing experience, you can’t go wrong at Buffalo Wild Wings. Unfortunately, there are only 3 locations in California: Rancho Cucamonga, Murrieta and Mira Loma. Let’s hope they open more. A

I don’t care what other people say. The wings at Hooters aren’t good. If you like the service, ambiance or atmosphere, that’s fine. But Hooters isn’t worth visiting for just the food. The wings are heavily sauced, too vinegary and too salty. The texture is similar to wings at Pizza Hut — soft, but not quite as fatty. Hooters also serves Buffalo shrimp, but it’s drowned in the same salty, vinegary sauce as they put on the wings. If you’re craving wings, don’t go to Hooters. There are too many better options out there. C

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