Hot Wings update

So after my disappointment at KFC, I was seriously craving some kind of saucey hot wing this weekend.
Unfortunately thanks to different fiascos (car, family, work – the usual) I couldn’t get to Hooters or Denny’s, but I did try the wings from Round Table.
I didn’t try the pizza that was ordered for the little Sunday gathering at my brother’s house in Ontario, but I did try the buffalo and barbecue wings.
The wings themselves were meaty enough to feel satisfied with just three servings. The barbecue wings were lightly brushed with the sauce but had just enough bbq sweetness. The buffalo wings were also lightly brushed with sauce but the spices had enough kick to satisfy my craving – for now.

Esther’s Buffalo Wings review:
In response to Esther’s recent reviews, I felt I had to put in my two-cents in. I probably had wings at only three of the locations she talks about, but I have to defend one – Hooters.

Yes, I do like the ambiance and atmosphere at Hooters. I like to get together with a group of friends, order some wings and a few pitchers and catch up or yell at the T.V. screens at whatever game is playing – I like basketball and football.
I must admit these are not the meatiest wings I’ve ever had, but I like my hot wings like I like my salad – DRENCHED. (That’s why I love the buffalo chicken strips at Denny’s – drenched.)
I like the fact that I would need a wet napkin to clean my fingers and hands after eating my buffalo wings. Sometimes, if I just had a manicure or something, I’ll opt for a knife and fork and order the boneless, but it’s just not the same.
I love the fact that there are various types of sauces to choose from for your wings – from mild to 911 to teriyaki and garlic.
And then there’s shrimp. I LOVE SHRIMP. My boyfriend makes fun of how much I love shrimp asking if I’ll order the shrimp coffee or juice at a restaurant. I like shrimp in soups, salads, tacos – almost anything but coffee or juice, c’mon.
So of course having two of my favorites together – buffalo and shrimp – is heaven.
The shrimp at Hooters are bigger than what you would find in a Cup o’ Noodles soup but smaller than jumbo shrimp at a seafood restaurant.
But for me they are just enough for two bites of tender, juicy, buffalo-saucey goodness!
They use butterfly shrimp and drench it in your choice of sauce just like the wings.
Sometimes, I’ll even order a side of curly fries and dipping cheese with my shrimp – YUM!
I suggested to Esther we should duke it out with our favorite wings in hand but instead we’ll let you decide.
Where’s your favorite buffalo wing?

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