Most romantic restaurants, part 2

More ideas for a romantic dinner:

Mojitos Restaurant
in Pasadena – “The food is latin-Cuban. The atmosphere is great. The Mojito glasses even have a little slant.” (Andrew Landeros, designer)

Taco Bell – “I always see the teens in there holding hands and gazing
into each other’s eyes over plates of nachos. I also see boy and girls
flirting with each other in there or using it to meet new beaus. So
sweet you don’t need a churro for dessert!” (Michelle Mills, reporter)

Tulipano’s in Azusa – “… Delightful. Northern Italian (i.e. not everything smothered in ubiquitous red sauce!) No atmosphere in location, but the food and music, sometimes there is guitar, make up for a lot.” (Linda Gold, features editorial assistant)

Chelsea in Glendora – “Glendora’s only good restuarant for grown-ups, sort of a fusion, some Asian, some Italian, some pizza, some Continental. Everything is really good and there are these little, tiny, fresh rolls, covered in garlic and olive oil that are something.” (Linda Gold, features editorial assistant)

44 thoughts on “Most romantic restaurants, part 2

  1. Triumphal Palace in Alhambra is modern, clean and the wait staff is very polite. The food is very good.

    Capital Seafood in Monterey Park (next to Ranch 99). The food is very good, and the decor is grand. The wait staff can be a little curt.

    If you like Japanese food, I think Gyu-Kaku in Old Pasadena is really fun. You can cook dinner with your dining partner and end the meal with smores.

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