Boca Del Rio tacos

Dining on a budget:

I have tasted a lot of good Mexican cuisine over the years, whether it be homemade or of the fast-food variety.

Some of the best Mexican food comes from small mom- and-pop eateries. Boca Del Rio, located in Covina, is one such place that serves delicious fare.

Tacos and burritos dominate Boca Del Rio’s menu, which also offers drinks such as an Orange Bang and a horchata.

When I visited Boca Del Rio, I ordered three tacos. After finishing my meal, I came away thinking that I just tasted the best tacos out there.

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My tacos consisted of meat, cheese, cabbage and a red chili sauce that gave my dish the right amount of spicy kick. Carne asada and grated cheese enhanced the taste of the tacos.

For $1.30, you can order a regular taco. If you want avocado or sour cream with your taco, it will cost you a little extra.

The burritos also look delicious. A combo burrito can be purchased for $3.70 while a combo burrito special with avocado and sour cream costs $4.53.

Boca Del Rio also offers all meat burritos for $4.25. If you are on a tighter budget, you can order a bean and cheese burrito for $2.54. The avocado and sour cream option is also available for both of those burritos.

You also get your choice of red or green sauce. If you prefer a more mild taste, the green sauce is for you.

Another thing I liked about Boca Del Rio is that it reminded me of an old-school eatery. It’s located in a small building that features an adjacent outdoor dining area.

Boca Del Rio is located at 140 E. Arrow Highway in Covina. For information, call (626) 339-8303.

Written by Eric Terrazas

Note: I’m pretty sure they are the same owners or a chain or something, but there is also a Boca Del Rio in West Covina by the mall next to that old cleaners place, and another one off of Hacienda Blvd. in La Puente.
I’ve only been to the West Covina one, and same as Eric says, the tacos are great!

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