Spike’s is no more

This comes from sports reporter Steve Ramirez:

The news business is often filled with shocking, unbelievable stories.  But today was like no other.

Spike’s, one of my favorite eateries, is closed.

I was visualizing today my favorite – a chicken teriyaki bowl with steam rice – for lunch, only to be broadsided by a sign that simple read: “Permanently closed due to illness. Thanks for 15 wonderful years.”

I was completely shocked. I had to give it a second read, just to be sure.

I was enlightened to Spike’s by former Tribune staff writer Joe Haakenson, and it was always a must visit, at least once a week. I always stopped by in the spring before I headed out to a Cal State Fullerton baseball game. There was nothing like watching the Titans while eating a chicken bowl.

Oh well, I guess Panda Express will have to suffice for now.

Steve is referring to the Spike’s location in Covina on 420 N Azusa Ave. There are two other locations in San Gabriel and in Ontario. Hopefully, those restaurants are still open.

3 thoughts on “Spike’s is no more

  1. darnnit. All this talk about teriyaki – I’m now craving a bowl of chicken teryaki, but can’t get my fix at Spike’s. And I’m too far away from Mako Bowl – oh the humanity!

  2. Spike’s was ok, but their chicken had too much carbon on the grill marks. I grill often; the carbon comes from not brushing the grill often enough while cooking. The stuff burns, then sticks on the next piece of chicken you put down.

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