Free burritos on Leap Day

4933-burrito-thumb-400x300.jpgFor Leap Day, McDonald’s gave away free McSkillet burritos with the purchase of a medium or large drink. For $1.72 (including tax), you get an extremely unhealthy breakfast plus coffee. The burrito includes eggs, potatoes, sausage patty, a dash of salsa and almost undetectable amounts of bell peppers and onions.

Here’s the nutritional (not really) highlights:
Calories: 610
Calories from Fat: 330
Total Fat: 36g (56% daily value)
Saturated fat: 14g (69% daily value)
Cholesterol: 410mg (137% daily value)
Sodium: 1390mg (58% daily value)
Carbs: 44g (15% daily value)]

Whatever you do, don’t make a habit of eating breakfast at McDonald’s. You won’t live long.

2 thoughts on “Free burritos on Leap Day

  1. Anything with eggs(or their yolks) has lots of cholesterol. One large egg is about 77% daily value for cholesterol. It’s the calories from fat, saturated fat and sodium that makes me want to puke. Why does anybody eat at McDonalds anyway? Also nutrition doesn’t necessarily mean good or bad for you. It’s the act of utilizing food for nourishment. Just as natural doesn’t necessarily mean it’s good for you. Poop is entirely natural. Toxic waste is 100% natural. Marketing terms rule our lives.

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