7-Eleven – thank Heaven?

Going by a small poll take by me, people are split about eating food made at 7-Eleven stores.

Some may be ashamed for some reason I don’t understand, to admit they do while others may not even dare to try anything cooked there.

Here’s what I say – just like fast food restaurants, it depends on where you go.

I am not ashamed to admit I occasionally will have a spicy hot dog from 7-Eleven and just recently I tried the Go Go Taquitos.

Each 7-Eleven is individually owned, so though they may offer what most stores offer, their commitment to quality may be a little different.

To prove my point, I went to a 7-Eleven today in El Monte, just to use the ATM. My plan was to get cash and get lunch somewhere else.

But not wanting to drive around anymore I thought I’ll just go ahead and pick up something to eat while I was there.

I got two taquitos, Doritos and a V8 Fusion drink.

I first tried the taquitos about a month ago at a 7-Eleven in La Puente, and was surprisingly satisfied. I tried the Monterey Jack and Chicken flavor.


They were nice and tender with cubed pieces of chicken and melty cheese on the inside and a crispy spicy seasoning flavor on the outside.

I mean for a prepared meal that they just warmed up on the little rolling grill they have there it was pretty tasty.

So when I picked up taquitos from the 7-Eleven in El Monte I thought they couldn’t be that different – you just warm it up right?

Wrong. Apparently they don’t think to time them because mine were overcooked and hard at the ends. Funny enough, I was going to try the steak and cheese one but the guy said he had just put them on the grill so he didn’t think I should get those.

He should have also warned me about the other ones being on the grill for too long.

I don’t know if I’ll try the other flavors but I will probably have a spicy hot dog next time – yummy.

You take your chances. But I will say that I have never gotten sick from anything I’ve eaten at 7-Eleven unlike some may think.

Hey, I’m not looking for a high-quality meal when I go to a 7-Eleven, just something quick and convenient that does the trick until dinner. 

2 thoughts on “7-Eleven – thank Heaven?

  1. Are La Puente and El Monte so different?

    At least, no matter how bad it is, I’m sure even the El Monte 7-Eleven’s food is better than the food at the Greyhound stations or most TA truck stops.

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