Microwaved miso soup


A few weeks ago, I went to Sushiya, a Japanese restaurant in the Eastern portion of Pasadena. According to a few reviews I read on Yelp!, it sounded like a decent place to go. And it was. The sushi chefs were nice, the waitress was friendly, and the food was ok. It definitely wasn’t the best quality sushi I’ve had, but it was extremely inexpensive. The sushi rolls didn’t taste bad, but they weren’t great either. This is the type of restaurant that’ll satisfy a cheap and quick sushi craving but not good enough for a “night out.”

Then comes the miso soup. I didn’t order it, but a table of women next to us did. First, I heard the “ding!” of a microwave from inside the kitchen. Moments later, the waitress comes out with three bowls of miso soup.

Is it OK to microwave miso soup?

2525 E. Foothill Blvd. # 2
(626) 795-1311

3 thoughts on “Microwaved miso soup

  1. Try Ichikara in West Covina! By far the best local sushi place around the Baldwin Park area. I’ve done the Sushiya in Duarte and it wasn’t anything near the quality of Ichikara. I was surprised since I’ve only had Teppanyaki there and tried the sushi bar just last week. They’ve got 2 new ace chefs that really get into their work. Highly reccommend! Oh yah they have uni every day unlike Sushiya where they told me I had to call on Monday if I was going to have some on Friday or the weekend…

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