Disappointment at Euro Pane

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I may hear a lot of complaints later, but I have to say this: I bought a mini carrot cake from Euro Pane in Pasadena today, and it wasn’t very good. It was dry.

Because carrot cake is supposed to be super moist and Euro Pane is supposed to be super delicious, I was disappointed. The rest of the cake wasn’t bad. While the cream cheese frosting was a little too heavy for my taste, the gold foil garnish was a nice (frou-frou) touch. I’ve never been disappointed by Euro Pane before so I’m hoping that this dry carrot cake is a fluke.

I also bought a slice of blueberry lemon chiffon cake from Euro Pane. It was delicious.

Other notes: The best carrot cake I’ve had is from Craft in Los Angeles. After dinner, the restaurant gives each guest a take home carrot cupcake. The cake was moist, the shredded carrots were flavorful and not at all dry or stringy. The streusel topping was a just the right balance of crunchy, soft and sweet.

5 thoughts on “Disappointment at Euro Pane

  1. Nice blog. I found you through Digesty, and was happy to see someone covering restaurants in places like Monrovia and Azusa in addition to Monterey Park and San Gabriel. Keep it up. There’s plenty of coverage of places in Venice and West Hollywood, but I live off the 210!

  2. april – Just precious! Her eyes are so light. Laura’s eyes were so dark they crpeeed me out a little. Newborns are absolutely adorable. Baby feet are my favorite, too. My favorite sonogram photo is just of Laura’s foot sticking out perfectly. Congratulations to the new family and to you for giving them great photos of their little one.August 18, 2010 4:39 am

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