Coupon for Friday’s

File this post under cheap eats, not tasty eats. I’ve never been a fan of Friday’s, but sometimes, cheap food is cheap food.

Here’s a coupon for a buy one get one 50% off lunch at Friday’s. It’s only good during lunch on weekdays from the “Right Portion” menu. If you go, let me know if it was worth it.


Ice cream vs. soft serve vs. Pinkberry

We’re in nebulous period between winter and summer. It can get very cold and very hot within a couple of days or hours. Still, it’s not too early to start thinking about ice cold summer treats. With some input from around the newsroom, here’s a pros and cons list for ice cream, soft serve and Pinkberry-like frozen yogurt.


Ice Cream Pros
Super rich and creamy
Sundaes, Banana splits, shakes, floats
Ice cream sandwiches
More than 31 flavors
Chocolate and Peanut Butter ice cream from Baskin Robbins

Ice Cream Cons
Really fattening
Brain freeze
More fat, sugar and calories
Freezer burn
Feeling so full you don’t want to get up


Soft Serve Pros
Easy access (McDonald’s)
Good ice cream substitute
Goes well with chocolate syrup
Great with toppings
Served in baseball helmets
It swirls!

Soft Serve Cons
Somewhat fattening
Fewer flavors
Can’t “mix-in” toppings
Melts easily


Pinkberry Pros (or similar frozen yogurts)
Won’t weigh you down
Nontraditional toppings — Cocoa Puffs, Mochi, Specialty fruits
Fewer flavors
Healthy bacteria (better BM?)
Trendy, therefore cool
Cute name

Pinkberry Cons (or similar frozen yogurts)
Fewer locations, not sold in stores
Not like ice cream
Can get expensive
Not usually served in a cone
Long lines
Trendy, therefore for followers
There are no pink berries in Pinkberry
Sounds too much like Blackberry

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No more liquor


Reporter Jennifer McLain has a story about Mariscos Uruapan, a Mexican restaurant in Irwindale that may be using a fake permit to serve liquor.

issued a liquor license to Mariscos Uruapan in 2003 for the sale of
beer, wine and hard liquor, but a city permit only allows it to sell
beer and wine.

Records used for the 2003 liquor license show that a
planner, Marcos Bereda, authorized the approval. But city officials
said that no planner with that name ever worked for the city.

The city concluded last month that ABC “erroneously” issued
the restaurant, at 16034 Arrow Highway, a license four years ago and
relied on false records to do so.

Although I’ve driven past this restaurant several times, I’ve never eaten there before. Anyone?

Tasty tacos

Although I’m no expert on tacos or Mexican food, I know what I like. And I like the carnitas tacos from Birrieria y Cenaduria Apatzingan in Baldwin Park.

I’ve had their carne asada, chicken and carnitas tacos, as well as the milanesa torta and cheese quesadilla. All of it is great tasting and inexpensive. I especially like their salsa, which packs a lot of flavor and heat, but isn’t so hot that it burns your taste buds.

The tortillas are hand made and very fresh.

Birrieria y Cenaduria Apatzingan
14901 Ramona Blvd.
Baldwin Park, CA 91706
(626) 813-3797