Dining on a Budget: Stars Burgers shine bright

By Daniel Fritz, Staff Writer


The unassuming red, white and brick building
on the corner of Ramona Boulevard and Maine Avenue in Baldwin Park is
the home of Stars Burgers.

While the venue may be a bit harsh on the eyes, customers’
undoubtedly happy palate will most likely forgive the visual
shortcomings of what is essentially a hotdog stand.

On first glance, it appears Stars Burgers only has outside
seating, however, there is a small inside seating area attached to the
building. There’s even a few prehistoric arcade machines inside.

However, the restaurant makes sure to cater to the diverse Baldwin Park demographic by not just sticking to one food genre.

Burgers has a huge menu, ranging from hotdogs to Mexican food to all
sorts of sandwiches. The marquee even states that “Shish-k-Babs” are
sold, however upon further inspection, they’re no longer on the menu.

Not only is the menu far-reaching, but the vast operating
hours make Stars Burgers a place where, if one were so inclined, one
could eat breakfast, lunch and dinner. They’re open from 8 a.m. until
11 p.m. Sunday through Thursday and until midnight on Friday and

There’s even a few breakfast specials, like the two pieces
of bacon or sausage, two eggs, hash browns and toast combo for $3.05.
Several lunch combos exist as well, none of which will set you back
more than $5.

In fact, pretty much everything on the menu ranges between $2 and $5.

During my visit, I had a hamburger and a hotdog for $4.87, and took a seat at a patio table outside.

the dining experience was pretty much what you’d expect from sitting on
a corner in Baldwin Park (I had a woman try to sell me Chicklets while
I was eating and a pigeon got a little too friendly), it was enjoyable

The hotdog, which came loaded with onions and mustard, was clearly of the footlong variety as it had outgrown the bun.

hamburger came medium well (I wasn’t given an option) and was tender
and juicy. Thousand island dressing and shredded lettuce came standard
on this one.

Both were satisfying, and I cleared my plastic basket from the table feeling heavy in the stomach and light in the wallet.

Stars Burgers is located at 14351 Ramona Blvd. in Baldwin Park. For information call (626) 337-7777.


(626) 962-8811, Ext. 2201

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