Hey it’s Yogi!

So during my camping trip at Yosemite, our campsite got a visit from Yogi Bear – smarter than the average bear – in the middle of the night.

The campgrounds have bear boxes where you put all your food or anything that has a scent that would draw a bear to your site. So after dinner and after the long-awaited melty gooey goodness of s’mores, we put everything away in the boxes and went around our site twice to make sure we didn’t miss anything.

Well, we did. It was some time past midnight when I heard rustling near our tent and heard commotion. My wild-sleeper of a sister, was asleep on my right shoulder and as soon as I knew it was a bear, I pushed her off of me and sat up in one swift motion.

Another tent-mate of ours woke up too, and began searching for the zipper to open the tent door to blow the whistle she had wrapped around her neck the entire weekend. She got the window open instead and blew three quick whistles, but we could still hear the bear.

There were a few guys outside making noises and flashing their lights trying to scare fuzzy wuzzy away but he wouldn’t until he got what he came for – marshmallows.

Yup, Yogi is a fans of s’mores too.

Apparently there was an ice chest, (believed to be empty), left outside under a table that had a bag of marshmallows in it.

Well the bear definitely smelled it from miles away and knew exactly where to go. It slid, yes slid, open the ice chest without damaging it, tore through a paper towel roll to get to the marshmallows, and would not scare off easily with whistles, lights or hollering until it headed back to it’s cave with the full bag.

I didn’t get to see it, but from the look of the tear on the paper towel roll, it was still a youngin’.

Of course, the next day, the kids that slept through the bear commotion, wanted to leave a little bait for the bear to come back again so they could take a picture of it.



I told them they already knew what it looks like. He wears a green ranger hat and tie with a

white collar and says “Ey, Boo Boo!”

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