Dining on a budget: Tito’s Market

By Eric Terrazas

One city I visit frequently is El Monte, which features a few of my favorite eateries.

That list of favorites includes Tito’s Market, which serves delicious sandwiches and other good food.

My favorite item on Tito’s menu is the salami sandwich, which comes in two sizes. A small salami sandwich, which I usually order, costs $3.29. For those with bigger appetites, a large costs $6.59.


Tito’s salami sandwich, which also includes tomato, cheese and mayonnaise, tastes very good. It makes for a delicious lunch.

Other cold sandwiches on Tito’s menu include submarine, ham and cheese, pastrami, capocolla, roast beef and turkey. All cold sandwiches include tomato, mayonnaise and cheese.

For those craving a warmer meal, hot sandwiches are also offered.

Tito’s hot sandwich offerings include breaded steak, meatball, steak fajitas, hamburgers, veal, New York steak and filet mignon.

The hot sandwiches, like their cold counterparts, come in both large and small sizes. Most small hot sandwiches cost $ 3.79, while most large sandwiches cost $7.19.

Tito’s side orders sound good as well. On my next visit, I plan to try their ribs. Both pork and beef ribs are offered for $7.69 a pound.

Other items on the side order menu include chicken wings ($5.49 a pound) and spicy chili cheese peppers ($5.99 a pound). Spicy fries and onion rings both cost $3.99 per pound.

A favorite Mexican food of mine is an empanada, which is a turnover. For $1.19, you can order either a chicken or beef empanada.

In addition to sandwiches, Tito’s also offers several kinds of potato chips, soft drinks and dessert.

Tito’s Market is located at 9814 E. Garvey Ave. in El Monte. For information, call (626) 579-1893.

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  1. Please update us, Bob, what is the hidtmiuy and temperature in the “curing” room? I think I’m going to have to cast all caution to the wind, plunge in, build my own room, and start doing charcuterie…. In between teaching gigs of course….

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