Dining on a budget: Tito’s Market

By Eric Terrazas

One city I visit frequently is El Monte, which features a few of my favorite eateries.

That list of favorites includes Tito’s Market, which serves delicious sandwiches and other good food.

My favorite item on Tito’s menu is the salami sandwich, which comes in two sizes. A small salami sandwich, which I usually order, costs $3.29. For those with bigger appetites, a large costs $6.59.


Tito’s salami sandwich, which also includes tomato, cheese and mayonnaise, tastes very good. It makes for a delicious lunch.

Other cold sandwiches on Tito’s menu include submarine, ham and cheese, pastrami, capocolla, roast beef and turkey. All cold sandwiches include tomato, mayonnaise and cheese.

For those craving a warmer meal, hot sandwiches are also offered.

Tito’s hot sandwich offerings include breaded steak, meatball, steak fajitas, hamburgers, veal, New York steak and filet mignon.

The hot sandwiches, like their cold counterparts, come in both large and small sizes. Most small hot sandwiches cost $ 3.79, while most large sandwiches cost $7.19.

Tito’s side orders sound good as well. On my next visit, I plan to try their ribs. Both pork and beef ribs are offered for $7.69 a pound.

Other items on the side order menu include chicken wings ($5.49 a pound) and spicy chili cheese peppers ($5.99 a pound). Spicy fries and onion rings both cost $3.99 per pound.

A favorite Mexican food of mine is an empanada, which is a turnover. For $1.19, you can order either a chicken or beef empanada.

In addition to sandwiches, Tito’s also offers several kinds of potato chips, soft drinks and dessert.

Tito’s Market is located at 9814 E. Garvey Ave. in El Monte. For information, call (626) 579-1893.

Dining on a budget: Bangkok BBQ in Walnut

By Maritza Velazquez

As a Thai food enthusiast, I’m always looking for a great place to go for some of my favorite pad Thai. 

Luckily, in the San Gabriel Valley, there are endless options for this East Asian cuisine. 

After reading some great reviews on a Web site about a small restaurant in Walnut named Bangkok BBQ, I thought I’d give it a try. 

Unfortunately, the reviews weren’t entirely accurate. Although it’s definitely dining on a budget (there are great lunch specials and all-day combos), I wouldn’t say that it’s the best dining on a budget. 

One look through the menu and I just had to order Combo #3, a plate filled with my favorite dish, pad Thai, orange chicken and shrimp fried rice. 

Sad to say, I only enjoyed the shrimp fried rice, which was really delicious. The pad Thai was way too sweet, especially since what I love most about this dish is that it traditionally has so many different flavors. 

At $9.95, it was a monstrous helping and I only finished about a quarter of the plate. 


What really tickled my taste buds though was the soup, which I ordered on a whim after catching a whiff of the steaming soup other patrons sitting very close by were eating.

I opted for a small bowl of spicy coconut soup, knowing that the Combo #3 would be more than enough. It came in a much larger bowl than I imagined and was the burst of flavors I was looking for. The milky broth had a combination of some sweet, a little sour and bit of a spicy kick. 

Add in the thick slices of tomatoes, green onions, mushrooms and beef and this was enough to redeem my meal.

What I was really impressed with was the type of service at this restaurant. The man I presume was the owner was the only server during the lunch hour. He was definitely working hard as he ran back and forth to fulfill customers’ requests and make sure the kitchen was running smoothly. 

The decor at this restaurant was a funny combination. I loved the traditional Thai tapestries and beautiful figures of Thai princesses above the fish tank with colorful tropical fish. 

On the other hand, it clashed with the home-kitchen-style white drapes with embroidered roosters. 

Either way, this restaurant offers low prices for huge helpings. After trying the delicious soup, I wouldn’t mind investigating more into this restaurant. After all, on its menu, it does boast the “Best 100 Thai Food in USA 2007 by Best Thai Food Magazine and Best Express Thai Food in Town by the Taste of Walnut in 1995.” 

To see for yourself, visit www.bangkokbbq-walnut.com or go to the restaurant, 372 N. Lemon Ave. in Walnut. 

For more information, call (909) 468-9784.