Dining on a budget: Loli’s in Glendora

By Maritza Velazquez

Finally a dining experience that’s both quick AND fresh.

It’s pretty hard to combine those two words when describing a restaurant, but Loli’s Fresh Mexican Grill has got it all.

The family-owned and family-run eatery opened in 2006, when brother-and-sister duo Caleb and Zoar Cabrera decided to offer their mother’s original recipes to the public.

Mom Dolores Curiel (Loli) oversees quality control, making visits to the restaurant to make sure her son and daughter are serving up the same great dishes she used to cook for her own family.

Loli’s, located in Glendora, offers a menu full of some of the typical Mexican dishes such as burritos and tacos, but also adds in some lesser-known creations, with inspiration from the Yucatan Peninsula.

I wanted a little variety during my visit, so I went for combo No. 2, which lets you choose two items like chicken or asada tacos, chicken or beef enchiladas, or a chicken panucho.


I went for an asada taco and the chicken panucho. It’s a great deal for $7.85, and includes a drink, chips and Mexican rice and choice of black or pinto beans. If your appetite is a little larger, there’s also a three-item combo for just a dollar more.

When the food arrived about five minutes after I ordered at the front counter, I was pleasantly surprised. The peppered asada was flavorful and the panucho was different from the many Mexican dishes I’ve tried in the past.

Actually, I had to ask Zoar Cabrera, who was working the register at the time, what a panucho actually was.

I found it’s made with shredded chicken, lettuce, pickled red onion, avocado and tomato. The cook puts together three small corn tortillas and fills it with pureed black beans. Then, the tortillas and beans are pan sauteed.

But what I loved most about Loli’s was how fresh it was. Even the salsa is homemade. And according to Caleb Cabrera, everything is made fresh in the morning and nothing is made with lard, preservatives or MSG.

There’s even some authentic Mexican breakfasts at Loli’s. They serve huevos rancheros, beef chorizo and eggs and breakfast burritos.

The service here also matches the quality fresh eats. The staff brought over some tortilla chips to munch on before my meal was ready. I saw that many other customers received the same service.

I wouldn’t hesitate to visit Loli’s again. 

Loli’s Fresh Mexican Grill is located in the Lone Hill Center at 1832 E. Route 66 in Glendora. For more information, call (626) 963-9200.

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