Dining on a budget: Carnaby St. Fish & Chips in La Puente

I’m going to assume Carnaby St. Fish and Chips in La Puente was inspired by the street in the state of Washington rather than the infamous street in London.

It’s nowhere near any of those streets, of course, and it is not like the shopping mecca in London. It’s location is hidden by a 99 Cents store at Southill Square shopping center off of Hacienda Boulevard.

As I was looking for something new and tasty for lunch driving down Hacienda Boulevard, this little shop caught my eye when I saw the words Fish and Chips.

The restaurant is small inside, but it’s popular with some locals and regulars. I waited outside for my order and ate at a small outdoor dining area in an alleyway of the shopping center.

I’ve never had fish and chips and I can’t recall the last time I had a fish stick (probably middle school), so I thought I’d take a chance.

Just in case I wasn’t crazy about the fish, I ordered the Shrimp Combo, which came with two pieces each of fried shrimp and fish, and chips or fries for $6.60 plus tax.

When I received my order, I asked for hot sauce or chili sauce but got ketchup and tartar sauce instead. I looked around at the small tables inside the restaurant and found the other condiments being used by the other patrons, so I settled with what I got.



I should have known that if a combo came with just four pieces of something that they weren’t exactly popcorn-size.

The shrimp were large and split in the middle to look like a ring, then fried. The fish were long, wide pieces as well.

I tried the shrimp first, without any sauce, and was pleasantly surprised how light the batter tasted. It was not the typical fried food batter and was not dripping with grease either.

The shrimp inside was plump as well. The fish was all white with no bones and very moist.

I usually don’t like adding salt to anything but the fries needed a little sprinkling. They were still a good complement to the rest of the meal.

Carnaby St. also offers fish and shrimp by the piece, lunch specials, clam, oyster and scallops, and side orders like fried rice, cole slaw and zucchini.

I think I’ll try the shrimp and fish tacos they also offer next time.

I would suggest take-out. It was a little strange having people walk right by you, on their way to get a haircut at a nearby salon or after shopping at the 99 Cents store, while you’re trying to enjoy some fried goodness.

Carnaby St. Fish and Chips is open 10:30 a.m. to 8 p.m. Monday-Thursday and Saturday and until 9 p.m. Friday, closed Sunday. It is located at 1627Y2 N. Hacienda Blvd., La Puente, (626) 918-9223.

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